Sex and Intimacy counseling after cancer treatment significantly improves a couple’s satisfaction with their connection. Take a look at the Cancer Society’s article: “Sex Counseling After Prostate Treatment Helps Couples” to learn more.

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Sexual Health Coaching Programs:

My ReAwaken your Body 3 Session Program will help you:

  • Learn how to talk to your partner about sex
  • Rejuvenate your genitals so that sex is more enjoyable
  • Expand your sexual menu so that sex is more often an option

My experience has shown that a single session offers some relief, but often isn’t enough to anchor lasting change. This program will give you the basic tools to create a more satisfying sexual connection. While many of my clients decide to continue on with the work, others find that three sessions are enough to jump start their sexual health again.

Your introductory price: $400.
(You save $50 on my regular session price of $150/hr, PLUS you receive a FREE BONUS of 6 recorded meditations to use at home)

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My Harvest Your Sexual Health 6 session Program will help you:

  • Have ways to relax into pleasure in your body, regardless of your current condition.
  • Know how to tell when’s the right time to get sexy.
  • Learn 3 new kinds of lovemaking that are appropriate for your current condition.
  • Gain 3 practices you can do on your own in 15 minutes per day to increase your sexual confidence and vitality.

My experience has shown me that a single session cannot offer much benefit. While I can give you some immediate relief from your situation, true learning comes from slow, steady, continued work. I have helped more than a thousand people over the last 9 years, and those who have received the most benefit are those who have committed to at least 6 sessions with me.

Harvest Your Sexual Health and become stronger, sexier, and more vital than ever!

This coaching program is open to men and women who want to make lasting changes in how they relate sexually and intimately. During the course of the program we will meet once a month by Skype (or phone). Our sessions will be tailored to your personal needs, but will follow my unique Six Gateways system of teaching that has yielded repeatable results for my clients over the years.

In addition to six private Skype sessions (1 per month), this program also includes:

  • An e-book copy of  Sex and Cancer
  • 6 mp3 companion meditations for your book
  • An unabridged audiobook version of Sex and Cancer
  • A workbook to use between sessions to do your homework
  • Unlimited email support
  • A Private Facebook group for other cancer survivors who are working with me

This program is valued at over $1,000 by those who have worked with me because it creates LASTING change.

Your price: $896.
(Less than $150 per session plus a FREE home study course valued at $96)

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Receiving your coaching by Skype has many benefits, including:

  • Zero commute time and costs
  • Fewer distractions, and easier to focus
  • Ability to take notes or record our sessions
  • You can do you session in any location, and even in your PJ’s!

Because I have found that Skype coaching is twice as powerful as in-person coaching for my clients, this is the only type of individual work that I offer.

To enroll if you haven’t worked with me before, the first step is to fill out an application for a free phone consultation..


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