How to Create a Life that you LOVE

Instead of a New Year’s Resolution this year, plug into your deepest desires and plant the seeds of your intentions for 2015.

Over the holidays I meditated a lot on New Year’s resolutions and goal setting. It became clear that my most successful accomplishments resulted from focusing on what I really want, not on what I think I SHOULD do.

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about — you look at your life calmly and rationally, you analyze, you evaluate, and then like Star Trek’s Mr. Spock, you make a logical choice about what goals to work toward. You are overweight so you need to go on a diet, or you want more money so you decide to look for a job.

But what if instead you took time to feel into your DESIRE? What if instead you chose your goals based on what you LOVE?

I’m learning to honor my desire as sacred, to trust that it comes from the deep spiritual well of humanity.

This is my new year’s gift to you — a practice to help you get in touch with your own deepest desires.

  1. Connect to your belly.  Breathe deeply and feel the desires that live there. Acknowledge and accept these longings.
  2. Let the desires rise up into your stomach. Know that true power comes from choosing your own path.
  3. Breathe the desires up into your heart. Which Which ones do you truly LOVE? Are there some that spring from fear or a desire to “look good”? Let those go.
  4. Breathe your desires into your throat.   Alllow yourself to speak a word that sums up each desire. Feel the power of the spoken word to create your reality.
  5. Breathe your desires into your eyes.   Allow a vision to form for your desires.
  6. Imagine breathing your desires back down and planting them in the earth.   Over the next few weeks tend the seeds of your desires by giving them attention and being open to any little coincidences that happen to help them grow. Take notes in a journal and track your progress.

I would love to know how these tips work for you. Please take a moment to share a comment below.

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