I provide support for people in recovery from cancer, helping them to regain their sexiness, vitality, and intimacy with their partner. Guiding people to better relationships and  teaching them how to grieve has been my passion for the last 15 years, including work with hospice, private counseling, teaching meditation, Reiki treatments, and  movement therapy.

I have been a scientist, a relationship counselor, and a sex expert. I’ve worked as a researcher to solve the riddle of aging and unravel mechanisms of disease. Now I use my scientific knowledge to help my clients understand the science of cancer recovery, combined with my counseling know-how to improve their partnerships. After all, once you’ve come through cancer, it’s time to live life to the fullest! Healthy happy sex is part of that life.

I’ve been a sex expert for years, and for a while in the beginning I lived a very sexy life, dating. practicing and teaching tantric sex, and exploring my own sexuality. Then I broke up with the love of my life, lost my best friend to a stroke, dealt with my own cancer, and declared bankruptcy.

After all that, I was blessed to find love again, and I realized that, for me, relationship is the most important thing. Sex is important to building relationship and it also helps your body heal faster and stay stronger.

Certifications and Degrees:

MS Biochemistry, UC Irvine, 1989
MA Counseling Psychology, 1999

Ordained Minister, 1996
Heartwisdom Tantric Educator, 2005
Reiki Master, 2009


(Under my previous name, JE Shoemaker)


” A Tandemly Arrayed Surface Protein Gene in Trypanosoma cruzi“, University of California, Irvine, December, 1989.

Scholarly Papers:

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